Bays in Ulica Kricin, Baska – Island of Krk

Rating: ★★★½☆

Ulica Kricin is the street in the farthest south-east of the town of Baska, in the island of Krk. Although not technically a beach, this street directly faces the sea and offers many little coves and inlets where it’s possible to settle down, in order to sunbathe or just spend the day, swimming or snorkeling in the calm clear waters of this area.

You usually have to show up early in the morning in order to get a good spot, but once you’re there, you’ve most likely managed to escape from the crowd in Vela Plaza and about to experience a good day of relax at the beach on your own. Please be advised that there are no facilities nearby though, so it’s definitely best that you make your purchases (some water, at least, since it’s going to seem a long walk to get there, under the sun) in the town of Baska before you adventure yourself into Ulica Kricin. There are also no beach equipment rentals, so that you also have to bring all of your stuff with you. On some areas, there are some occasional trees, though, which you can use to get some shadow in the case you need it.

In order to reach inlets in Ulica Kricin, from the town center, walk towards the Baska harbor and keep on walking. When Palada street sharply turns left going uphill, you just keep on walking straight, actually entering Ulica Kricin. You can either get here by foot or by car, but keep in mind that there’s not a lot of parking lot available (the few available spots are usually taken by people owning or renting a villa on the street), so that your best bet is that of walking from the town of Baska or one of its nearby parking spots.

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