Croatia Beaches – Storišće (Island of Krk)

Rating: ★★★½☆

Storišće BeachStorišće is a nice little pebble beach in the island of Krk. It’s located not too far from the FKK Banculuka naturist camp and can be reached either from there or by boat. If you decide to get there from ground, be prepared to walk (for quite a lot and following a winding, offroad path), since there’s no way to access it by car. There are also no facilities within its premises, so you have to make sure you bring everything you need (especially drinks, since the road to get there is pretty rough and long, especially under striking sun). Once there you’ll experience some crystal water and the company of few other tourists, most of which came there by boat.

From the town of Baska, you have to reach the FKK Bunculuka camping first. It takes you about 15 minutes to get there (walking eastward from the town center). At the camping entrance you might be asked to pay a little entrance fee. Sometimes if you tell them that you’re just passing by and that you’ll buy some drinks in the camping shops, they let you get in. Of course, it’s fair NOT to settle within camping premises. To avoid any kind of problems, you could otherwise circumvent the camping and reach its other beach side from the inside. Once there, in order to reach Storišće, you have to keep on following the steep and winding offroad path leaving the beach at the the remote end of Bunculuka Bay and walk for about 45 more minutes. On your way there you’ll find Jablanova bay, which is another nice (yet usually crowded) pebble beach and you’ll also get past Mali Raj, a beautiful tiny bay, which is just perfect for couples. You might decide to just stop there if it’s not “taken already”. The path taking you there is definitely steep, winding and rough, with a few sections where you’ll be walking on rocks, so you definitely need to be equipped with rubber soled shoes. It’s also definitely NOT advisable to get there for people with physical limitations of any sort. And, don’t forget to bring refreshments. You’ll need them!

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