Malta Beaches – Golden Bay

Rating: ★★★★½

Golden Bay Sandy BeachGolden Bay’s of the most popular Sandy beaches of Malta. It’s located in the north-western part of the island, overlooked by the Radisson Blu hotel complex. It’s popular among families, but also couples or tourist groups. It’s very easy to be reached and accessed, and offers all the facilities you might need (cafe, restaurant, umbrella/water sport hire) for a day full of fun at the beach. It’s usually safe for swimming (thanks also to the common safe buoys, very common in all Malta beaches), but it is prone to strong currents when the wind blows from the north-west. A red flag indicates when sea is rough and it’s better to stay in the shallow waters only. A little bit of action in the sea could be fun if you like do body-surf or do some boogie boarding though; swell can get decent in those conditions.

Golden bay can be reached either by car or bus. By Car, you simply have to take route 47 from Valletta or route 652 from Sliema; by bus, simply catch one of bus lines: 47, 52, 652. If you get there by car and wish to park close to the beach access, please bear in mind that it’s common to tip the parking assistant in Malta. If you do not wish to do so, simply park a few meters away from the beach entrance (IE before the downhill taking you to the beach).

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