Oprna bay in Stara Baska – Island of Krk

Rating: ★★★★½

At about 10 km south of Punat, lies famous Oprna Bay, one of the most prominent and beautiful beaches of the island of Krk. This 120m wide, remote pebbly beach has some of the clearest waters and best unspoiled environments that you might experience, so it’s definitely suggested for a day at the beach. It’s not very easy to reach it, since you have to follow a pretty long and steep downhill trekking path. Once you’re there, some fun and relax are guaranteed though. Immersed into nature you’ll be able to sunbathe, swim, snorkel or even play some beach sports. The bay also offers some good snorkeling opportunities in its shallow, calm waters.

There is a little bar, but no other shops or facilities around, so that you have to make sure you bring everything you need before you get there. If you forget something, you might be lucky enough to find it at the “nearby” camping site, but it’s still going to cost a good 60 min walk uphill and downhill again, so that you probably want to make sure you have anything you need, before you descend to the beach in first place.

It’s very easy to reach (but not to access!) this beach, either from Punat or Baska. Since there are no buses heading there, you need a car though. Follow road signs for Stara Baska, and before you reach the Škrila camping site, you have to stop your vehicle and park above the beach. You’re at about 2km away from the town of Stara Baska and Oprna bat should be visible from the road. At this point, you have to follow a steep path downhill. Just remember to take your walking shoes; in fact the path down there require some minimal equipment and it’s not for the unfit. It’s definitely not a location for people with disabilities, but if your attention has been caught and yet this all sounds too daunting for you, you can probably also arrange some transportation there by boat from either the town of Stara Baska or the Škrila camping site.

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