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Croatia – Bunculuka Bay (Baska, Island of Krk)

Rating: ★★★½☆

BanculukaBanculuka Bay is a sandy/pebble beach within the premises of the FKK Banculuka naturist Camp, in the island of Krk (near the town of Baska). The beach is pretty wide, offering lot of locations where to sunbathe. Although it’s rare to find yourself suffocating in a dense crowd, you still have to be prepared that you’ll definitely share this beach with other people – to get you an idea about numbers, the camping alone can accomodate more than 1000 guests. Most of these people will be naturist and hence they’ll be naked. Just be prepared for this. Water is crystal clear and facilities of all sorts are present (restaurant, bar, mini markt, bakery, grocery, fast food kiosk, etc). There are also some sporting facilities (tennis, miniature golf, volleyball) .

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