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Malta Beaches – Imgiebah Bay

Rating: ★★★★☆

Imgiebah - SelmunImgiebah Bay is a sandy, remote and secluded beach in the north-eastern part of Malta. Water is crystal clear, the environment is usually pristine and very quiet, since very few people usually hang around here. There are no facilities around and the road taking you there is pretty rough (and relatively long), so you might want to prepare yourself before getting into that. Once you get there, you most likely realize it was worth the effort, since you find yourself surrounded by beautiful natural elements, both on the ground and under water; this beach is in fact also good for snorkeling. Just be sure to bring some water supplies and refreshments with you, since you’ll most likely need them. Since there’s no lifeguard on duty, please also pay attention to sea conditions. It’s usually not dangerous, but if it gets too crispy for your taste or you feel some activity, it might be wise to just get out of water.

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