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Malta Beaches – White Tower Bay (Little Armier)

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

white Tower Bay, also called Little Armier is a white sand beach located on the north eastern part of the island of Malta. It is overlooked by the White Tower from which it inherits its name. Water is clean and crystal clear and the beach itself is quite pretty, definitely secluded. It’d be a great place to spend the day if not for the algae, the motor boats and the rubbish lying around. It’s still a good place to choose when you want to escape from crowds, but you definitely have better alternatives, so our suggestion is to keep it as an alternative when you’ve already explored the best beaches. Nevertheless it’s very easy to reach it, whereas other secluded beaches have much more difficult paths taking you there. So you could pick it as your destination if you don’t feel like you want to wast time searching for a place or you need easy access to the sea.

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